Sweet Lou's Bistro

I would rather serve great food on a plastic plate, then good food on china " Chef Lou "

  • 161 Broad Street, Schuylerville, NY, USA
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Hello my name is Chef Louis Maggiore and I want to welcome you to our website. We are a small place but we are big on values, morals, integrity and honesty. 
It all started when we bought two apartment  houses in Schuylerville. The village is charming and we wanted our newborn children to go to a great school so my wife chose Schuylerville School District. So we bought a house in a nice neighborhood and started our new life. What makes our story special is that this place started with food. Food brings us all together and what better way to make people happy then serving homemade food. All the items are named after people we have relationships with throughout our years together. Family, Friends and Guests that come and visit Sweet Lou's. We are not fancy but do you really need to be fancy to serve great food? We started in January of 2018. We would have been open earlier but the flood of 2017 came on December 28th. The temperature was 40 below zero, the old building built in the 1800's had a problem with being that cold. The pipes froze then defrosted then flooded the whole building. So we started all over and finally opened in January of 2018.

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    We have handicap parking in rear of building and parking on main street in front of building. If you have any dietary needs please let us know and we will take care of you and your guests. We can take parties up to 20 people if needed. We also customize menu for large parties. Family style is also available.
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